Worship Planning Team

The Worship Planning Team provides for the teaching and learning of everything that has to do with worship, such as the meaning of the liturgy, the church year, the church's furnishings, the linens, the paraments and the vessels. Responsible that competent ushers and acolytes are recruited and trained, that worship supplies are maintained, and that all of the church's altar & chancel ware are kept in good care. Provides décor to enrich our festival worship services and other special services. Serves as consultation for the Pastor in the hiring of music and choral staff. 

Community Outreach Team

Faith's Outreach Team's mission of caring and sharing has been structured to support a variety of projects organized and in operation through Faith Lutheran, other churches, and organizations. We believe there is a greater chance of accomplishment and success in serving others and supporting the efforts, goals, and objectives of these organizations by collectively working together. It is also apparent that the challenge of "people in need" will continue to rise in our local, national, and world communities. As these challenges arise the Outreach Team will consider the viability of how to best support, provide, and assist the efforts and causes in servicing the needs of others.

Our Outreach Committee is looking for people willing to be God's hands and heart in reaching out to people in need, locally and around the world. Outreach members participate and are welcome to contribute time and effort best suitable to each member's availability and personal interest. Meetings are generally held the first Thursday of the Month from 6pm – 7pm in Parish Hall unless otherwise announced.

Christian Education Team

Provides for and encourages the life-long development of every person's faith in Jesus and everyone's life of serving Him. Designs and guides Faith's baptismal ministry (Faith's Footsteps), the teaching of self-care, parenting, Faith Lutheran Youth and marriage ministry. Plans our Sunday morning educational offerings and all other opportunities for growth in Christ.

An excerpt from the Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church Constitution: "There shall be a team on Christian Education. This team in association with the pastor(s) shall oversee the conduct and promotion of Christian Education for people of all ages and the educational activities of all organizations within the congregation."

FaithWatchers Team

As a Sub-Team of the Evangelism Team, the ministry of our Faith Watchers is one of watching over and caring for one another. We over three different opportunities for involvement in this ministry:

• Prayer Partners: Members pray daily for those on Sunday's prayer request sheet. Members need e-mail access for weekly team communication.

• Home Communion: Members take the sacrament of Holy Communion to those homebound congregants who request it.

• Phone Calls: Members keep connected with those not worshiping regularly.

Property Team

This team shall see to the proper maintenance, enhancement and protection of all property of the congregation and shall take care that all property is kept in good repair and is adequately insured.

Workday Volunteer: One Saturday a month, gathering from 8:30am – noon. The date will be published ahead of me in the Bookmark, as well as in Faith Alive! so you can plan accordingly. We work on property improvement projects that are too large or too time consuming for our custodial staff to tackle.

Special Projects: If you have a talent that could help to improve our campus (plumbing, painting, cleaning, electrical, landscaping, etc), we can find a way to put it to use at a time that is convenient to you.