This team works to draft a budget for the upcoming year, The budget is submitted to the Church Council for approval and then at the annual Financial meeting in January. The team also oversees all financial matters of the congregation to make sure that they are being conducted efficiently, and is responsible for the congregation's investments throughout the year.

We receive quarterly copies of the budget to compare with actual spending reports in order to track how the Church is doing with the projected revenues and expenses and compare them to the actual revenues and expenses.

Columbarium Administrator:

The Columbarium Administrator is responsible for selling niches in the Columbarium and plaques for the Memory Wall. They also are responsible for getting the plaques and niche covers engraved and installed. When biographies are submitted they see that they are printed and placed in the Memory Book.


Counters are responsible for collecting the offering on Sunday morning after worship, counting it and preparing it for deposit. This job requires approximately 1-2 hours per week. Counting "Teams" are created with 2-3 people per team. They are assigned various months during the year. They count, record and balance all monetary receipts for their given Sundays. All of their processing is recorded on a worksheet and signed by each member of the specific team with utmost care and processing in total confidence. Information is then given to the Church Bookkeeper for official recording.