The purpose of the Social Justice Ministry is to provide opportunities in the congregation for education and activities, including advocacy, to promote social and economic justice in our community. It interacts with the Outreach Ministry in identifying social and economic conditions in the community that deserve thoughtful study and evaluation in light of principles of Christian social and economic justice.

It identifies and engages policy makers with whom education and advocacy could lead to improved social and economic conditions, especially for the poor and marginalized in our community.


The Job Description and Expectations of Social Justice Ministry team members/volunteers:

  • Willing to learn about fairness and justice issues in the community;
  • Willing to examine scripture and ELCA publications for guidance and direction on social and economic justice issues;
  • Willing to speak up prophetically and take action, especially in the face of injustice;
  • Willing to meet with the Team about once each month (usually the second Monday evening of the month) to review community justice issues and plan education and advocacy activities, to present an Adult Forum or other program on community justice issues about once each month, and to correspond and meet with policy makers on justice issues.
  • Expect to have fun, learn a lot about community justice issues and, with group support, overcome our natural hesitancy to speak prophetically (speaking truth to power).
  • Expect to devote a few hours each month.