Faith's Outreach Team's mission of caring and sharing has been structured to support a variety of projects organized and in operation through Faith Lutheran, other churches, and organizations. We believe there is a greater chance of accomplishment and success in serving others and supporting the efforts, goals, and objectives of these organizations by collectively working together. It is also apparent that the challenge of "people in need" will continue to rise in our local, national, and world communities. As these challenges arise the Outreach Team will consider the viability of how to best support, provide, and assist the efforts and causes in servicing the needs of others.

Our Outreach Committee is looking for people willing to be God's hands and heart in reaching out to people in need, locally and around the world. Outreach members participate and are welcome to contribute time and effort best suitable to each member's availability and personal interest. Meetings are generally held the first Thursday of the Month from 6pm – 7pm in Parish Hall unless otherwise announced.



ANGEL TREE PROGRAM: Christmas gifts are provided for children of incarcerated parents. We also stay in touch with the families and children providing a birthday gift for each child, Easter gifts, and gift cards for school supplies.


PRISON MINISTRY: Advocate and outreach program for the elderly and/or infirmed prison inmates who have difficulty receiving medical care through the prison system.


NOISY OFFERING: An offering collected by the children once a month makes it possible to donate additional funds to those in need locally or worldwide. This is also helps our children to understand the needs of others and appreciate the blessing of sharing.


PARISH NURSE PROGRAM: Blood pressure checks are offered on the second Sunday of each month in Parish Hall between the two services. Faith's Parish Nurse is available to discuss medical concerns during this time.


EQUAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM: Lutheran World Relief Equal Exchange Coffee is available in Parish Hall during C-Time. Through cooperatives, farmers from third world countries are paid a fair price for their coffee, making it possible for them to provide food, clothing, and education for their families.


CARE & SHARE BASKETS: Each week, baskets are placed in the breezeway for donations to the following groups.


• MT. OF OLIVES LUTHERAN CHURCH-FOOD CLOSET & THRIFT SHOP: Cans of vegetables, fruits, soups, and nonperishable foods are collected each week, but on the third Sunday of each month there is a special food offering for Mt. of Olives. Special collections are also made to fill needs for fresh fruits or vegetables. Gently used clothing and household items are also collected for the Thrift Shop.


• GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH MINISTRY TO THE HOMELESS: Grace serves the homeless. Clothing & personal care items are collected to help fill the seasonal needs of these people. The summer months create a greater need for bottles of water. Sox and underwear are collected for the homeless on special occasions for Father's Day and Christmas.


• HAITI – FEEDING IMPOVERISHED CHILDREN –ALUMINUM CAN DRIVE: Haitian children in one of the many orphanages supported by Faith Lutheran realized that other impoverished neighborhood children were living on a diet of mud and grass. Parents of the children surviving on mud and grass could not afford food or to pay for school. The children from the orphanage began sharing food from their meals with the other children. When the orphanage staff became aware of these problems, they decided to provide schooling and a feeding program for these children. Recycling aluminum cans helps to provide two meals a day for each child.


• NAVAJO LUTHERAN MISSION, ROCKPOINT, ARIZONA: Campbell's Soup Labels and General Mills Box Tops are collected and redeemed for education and school programs.


• FAITH LUTHERAN PRE-SCHOOL: Coupons from the Sunday newspaper are collected and donated weekly on behalf of the Preschool. Throughout the year snacks and tissues are collected and donated to help supplement pre-school supplies.


• RECYCLE WRITE: Used pens, pencils, and markers are collected and recycled through Office Max and Public Libraries.