Thrivent Volunteers bring joy to many. If volunteering brings joy to you, then Faith Thrivent is worth checking out. (Thrivent is a not-for-profit insurance company which funds church and community projects carried out by its members and associate members. If you own a Thrivent product, you're a member…if you participate in a Thrivent project, it's easy to become an associate member.)


In a typical year, Faith Thrivent volunteers perform 10 to 12 church and community projects, hand out more than six thousand dollars in grants and matching funds, and contribute more than 2000 volunteer hours.

Thrivent volunteers play a key role in Faith's annual OKTOBERFEST fund-raiser. We always help Faith's Pre-school. In recent years, we've retiled and painted classrooms, removed the old playground structure and helped fund the new one, and scraped and repainted the eaves on the pre-school building.

Other examples of community projects demonstrate the diverse talent of Faith Thrivent volunteers and the fact that there's something for everyone: we replaced a weather-beaten and graffiti-streaked mural on the playground wall at Longview Elementary School with a colorful, new mural featuring peace signs, the words "Longview Lancers" in bold blue and gold lettering, and some puzzle pieces that fit together; 

We've re-stocked Refugee Resettlement's housewares inventory; we provided food staples and food baskets for the Mt. of Olives Food Closet and the Phoenix Rescue Mission; we made and served pancakes to more than 250 homeless persons at Grace Lutheran church; we send inner city youths to camp by co-sponsoring Neighborhood Ministries annual golf tournament; and in addition to buying and planting bamboo and lavender in the garden surrounding the pool at the Gardiner Hospice of the Valley in-patient facility, we prepared five varieties of soup, poured the contents into 150 meal-sized containers and delivered these soup treats to five Hospice facilities around the Valley.

We do many other projects and can always use new volunteers and new project ideas.